You may be wondering and asking “what is a UPS”? Well a UPS is an uninterruptible power supply or make easy to understand – a backup battery.

This UPS is a very helpful tool for your business whenever there is a power shortage. There are a lot of benefits of having a UPS for your business. The reasons are as below:

1. Protect Your Hardware
UPS increases the protection of your hardware as the circuit in the power device continuously monitors the voltage. When the UPS senses an electrical problem, it switches to AC power which is generated by a battery. This way, it provides high level of protection for every electrical device in your office.

2. Power Backup
UPS provides power backup to your system for about 15minutes. UPS can’t keep your computer running forever, but it provides you with enough time to save any of your on-going work and properly shut down your computer.

3. Normalize Power Levels
A UPS protects your computers from spikes caused by lightning, or when power restores after a blackout.

This some of the importance of having a UPS for your business.
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