Benefits of Centric POS for Restaurant

Centric POS is an Android point-of-sale (POS) system. It is a computer system used for ordering, managing and ringing up sales.

Today, we can see that quite a lot of successful F&B businesses rely on POS system to keep their business operations to run smoothly.

Are you a F&B business owner? You came to the right article as we are going to share with you the benefits of having a POS system for your F&B business, especially with Centric POS.

Using a Centric POS can save time for servers, cooks, and bartenders. Orders will be taken by the servers, and the cashier will key in the orders into the POS systems. After keying the orders, the orders will be individually sent to three printers, which is the cashier, bar, and kitchen. This saves the server’s time to manually hand over the order to the bar and kitchen.

Centric POS can eliminate, or reduce the rate of human error. Poor handwriting can sometimes result in misinterpretations of handwritten orders. If an order is misread, they might prepare the wrong item which results in waste and profit loss. When ordering through a Centric POS, orders can be easily read by the chef or bartender.

Sometimes customers may just go off after finishing their meal without paying for it. Without the realization of your server, it may create a loss in profit for your business. By using Centric POS, you can easily track orders which have been paid for or not.

By using Centric POS for your F&B business, you can view your report at any time of the day. You can choose from different kinds of reports that the POS system generates.

Since Centric POS is an Android POS and runs on a tablet, that means that no more bulky hardware on the countertop and servers do not have to carry around paper and pen to take orders. They can just take the tablet to directly take customer’s order at their table.

You can set a time for the system to automatically run a backup by itself. Or perhaps you would like to manually backup your data, you can backup to your email, Google Drive, or into the tablet itself.

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Benefits of Centric POS for Restaurant